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Why Never

If you’ve ever built anything from the ground up, challenged the status quo, or tested the impossible, you’ll understand why we chose “Never” as the brand to embody what we do.

We named it for the ones like us, the individuals that make their companies great. There is no finish line for these people. They set bigger more audacious goals for themselves year after year. They aren’t just doers, they are engineers. They don’t just get the job done, they look for every opportunity to do it better. They are obsessed with growth, disciplined in their craft, and have miles and miles of heart.

They never give up.

Why Never

President's Profile


Alex Burkart, MA
President & Lead Strategist

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Alex is a strategic intelligence analyst, with a strong foundation in marketing, communications, and strategy. A creative problem solver, with a talent for asking the right questions, he works with presidents, owners, and other decision makers, keeping them informed about their organization, market, and key stakeholders, so they can focus on driving their companies forward. From the initial discovery phase, through the execution of insight driven marketing and communication strategies, he helps clients identify and pursue opportunities to achieve and maintain excellence in their space. 

Marketing & Communications Specialties: 

  • Strategic Marketing Planning & Execution

  • Market Research & Consumer Insights

  • SWOT & Strategic Analysis

  • B2B & B2C Business Development

  • Brand Positioning & Customer Journey Mapping

  • Content Strategy & Thought Leadership

  • Systems Analysis & Strategy

  • Change Management & Employee Engagement

Economic Development Specialties:​

  • Commercial & Industrial Real Estate

  • Site Selection & Business Location Analysis

  • Government to Business Marketing

  • Regional, State, & Federal Government Relations

  • Incentives, Zoning, & Regulatory Systems

  • Transportation & Logistics Analysis

  • Workforce & Talent Development

  • Financing Economic Development


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Paradowski is a $20 million, full-service advertising agency, with a wide range of clients, with names like Monsanto, Purina, St. Louis Community College, and more. 

"Never Industries has been an excellent partner in helping us develop new business. Their ability to navigate new markets, distill the insights we need, and identify qualified leads have helped us execute multi-million dollar new business campaigns."

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